Session 13

Session 13 Summary
June 9th: Early Summer
Location:  Sea Gate
A day of some rest and recuperation.
- Damar re-takes, and passes, the test to become a Wizard of the Second Circle.
- Piper and E'dual purchase the Cafe du Baloth and the Hanged Man Tavern with the intention to re-open them.
- Kiodo visits Kayleon's family, and pay for her funeral
- The party decides to hire a ship and sail up to the Caverns of Ulthik to retrieve the shell of the flail snail. They do so without incident.
June 10th:
The party decides to investigate the tomb of Neheb, a minotaur hero, to find out more information about the Orb of Illusions. On the way to the tomb, they meet a minotaur trader named Hurloon. He tells them of the nearby Kragma Village where more of his people make their homes. He explains of troubles that the village is having with the eldrazi parasites. The party offers to help, and sets off towards the village.
Arriving in the village, the party eventually speaks with the chief, Anava. He grants the party permission to explore the tomb of Neheb.
At the tomb, the party overcomes several tricks and traps. Mardak unlocks the main temple doors, which leads in a room with some strange markings on the ground. Deducing what they mean, the party avoids a battle with a large group of shadows by making sure no light invades their lair.
After that, the party is given the choice of testing their mental mettle, or their might. They choose to use their mental prowess, and answer a riddle to avoid fighting some minotaur skeletons.
In the next room, the party encounters the shadowy form of Neheb, with a key floating in his heart, in the middle of a room covered in minotaur paintings. They try to retrieve the key, only to have him turn more substantial and attack them. He returns back to his shadowy form after just a few seconds. After some more trial and error, Piper discovers a painting with a key on it. He touches this painted key, and the party is able to retrieve the real key.
The party uses the key to enter Neheb's library. They spend several hours learning many things about the Orb of Illusions, and the Eldrazi. The party then returns to Kragma village to regroup. They return to the village at 5 pm.


Xenephon Xenephon

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