Notes from the Tomb of Neheb

- The Orb of Illusions was sought after by a "terrible, fiendish creature that enslaved others" known as Serenoth
- Serenoth was opposed by three heroes:
     - Althas, a Human Eldritch Knight and the greatest champion of his age
     - Neheb, a Minotaur Cleric of Light and scholor
     - Laquatus, a Cosi Merfolk sorcerer
- The Orb of Illusions was not destroyed, due to a astrological miscalculation in interpreting the prophecy.
     - However, the Orb is not on this plane. It was transported to a different plane.
     - The merfolk hero Laquatus went into the planar gate before it was closed, trying to retrieve the Orb. He was never seen from again.
     - The gate still exists. Neheb did not know how to reopen it.
- Losing the Orb weakened Serenoth enough that the heroes were able to kill him.
- Neheb knows the secrets of the Eldrazi (that they are secretly Zendikar's other gods).
     - He found this interesting, but had no contact with them during his time. (1000 years ago)
- The hedrons are related to the Eldrazi somehow. They seem to be able to be used as prisons or weapons against them.
- Some hedrons have been tampered with to feed the mana of Zendikar to the Eldrazi, instead of oppose them.
     - These hedrons come in sets of three, and can be found all over Zendikar. 
     - One set is in the Oran Rief forest. There's a temple to Ulamog in the west (the Temple Leith), a fort in the north (Tanglewood Bastion), and a pit in the east (Pit of the Pharos). 
- These hedrons can be destroyed by retrieving "guide stones" from the ruins of Emeria in the sky. Each "guide stone" is basically a wand with a hedron at the end, and will destroy one beacon.


Xenephon Xenephon

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