Session 0

Halimar Beach

May 25th: Early Summer
Location: Sea Gate, Continent of Tazeem
The party is enjoying lunch at the Cafe du Baloth in the Dusk Market district of Sea Gate. Their companionable banter is interrupted when they notice several agitated fisherman walking by. Greeting the group, the party learns that two of their fellow fisherman went to a dangerous fishing spot two days prior and haven't returned. Velakar, the spokesman for the fisherman, offers the party 10 gold pieces each if they can find out what happened to their friends. The party sets off.
It takes them about an hour to get to the beach, which is north of Sea Gate on the western beaches of the Halimar Inland Sea. The party discovers a huge pile of driftwood. Sheon sets it alight, and several large rats scurry from it and attack the party. The party fends them off, and them notices a wooden crate at the bottom of the driftwood. Saving it from the fire, they notice that it's from a company in the rough-and-tumble settlement of North Hada
Inside the crate, they found some treasure, as well as container full of the ashes of the human hero Corum. The party resolved to take this to the Arcane College at the Lighthouse. During this time, Kiodo wandered off to explore a ruined house nearby. Inside the house, he met a gruff man named Varat. Varat claimed that he was separated from this companions, and had arrived at the beach last night. When the rest of the party arrived and questioned him about the missing fisherman, he began to get quite agitated. Piper tried to calm him down, but Sheon took offense and attacked Varat with magic.
Varat began to attack Sheon. Most of the party began to back off from the confrontation, but Kiodo got a few hits in on Varat, and Damar used an illusionary wall to try to separate the combatants. Eventually Varat was calmed, but not before wounding Sheon into unconsciousness. Fortunately, Sheon's wounds weren't quite as bad as they seemed and he quickly awakened.
The party investigated a nearby fire-pit, and discovered signs of the fisherman. They followed the signs to two small fishing tents down by the beach. The party noticed sets of octopus tracks just before they were attacked by the giant beasts. During the battle, Mardak and Kiodo were knocked unconscious. The party took shelter in the small tents at they waited for their friends to awaken. Piper skinned the octopi, recovering two ink sacs, as well as evidence that the missing fisherman had been eaten by the creatures. Piper tried unsuccessfully to find the lair of the octopi, even risking speaking with Varat again.
Once the entire party had awakened, they made their way back to Sea Gate at it neared dusk. Finding Velakar, they revealed the grisly fate of his friend. Velakar was saddened by this news, but glad the party had slain the deadly beasts. He awarded the party 15 gold pieces each. Then, the party went their separate ways to rest. Piper managed to parley his musical talents into a bed and some food and drink. Sheon slept in the alleys of Sea Gate, forgoing any wordly comforts.



Xenephon Xenephon

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