Session 12

Session 12 Summary
June 8th: Early Summer
Location:  Western beaches of Tazeem
8 am to 3 pm: The party awakens and travels towards Shadowridge Cave. Once there, they deliver the Fruit of the Stone Tree to Amedi. She consumes the fruit and stops being a medusa. She thanks the party for their efforts and they continue on towards Seagate.
4 pm: As they reach the Sunset Docks,  they see a plume of smoke rising from the ships. Investigating this, they see three merrow attacking the ships, and a group of common people struggling to hold them off. The party attacks the merrow, and they assisted by a new ally: the merfolk caster Ed'ual. During the conflict, a member of the North Hada Freemen sees the party, and runs back to Seagate to tell Varat. Eventually, the merrow are defeated and the burning ships are put on. The party waits to see if the Freemen return, but they do not, so the party heads into Seagate proper.
5 pm: In the Dusk Market district, there is more smoke and fire. The party traces that to the Cafe du Baloth, which has been assaulted by the Freemen. The cafe is burned, and the body of the barmaid, Kayleon, is staked out with a simple note: "This ends today." The Seagate guard approaches the party, and lets them know that while they cannot directly attack the Freemen, they will support the party in any way that they can.
6 pm: The party rests for a short time.
7 pm: Ed'ual, who was already aware of the party and their doings, knows of a hidden cove that leads to the Hanged Man tavern. With the Seagate guard surrounding the tavern, the party plans to attack the cove, catching the Freemen between a rock and a hard place. After some time preparing, the party storms the cove and attacks the surprised Freemen. While they quickly rout the guards and assorted folk in the cove, the alarm is sounded, and more Freemen come rushing down. 
In this group of Freemen is Varat, and Thakar, his barbarian enforcer. A pitched battle takes place in the narrow tunnels, with Varat falling, and then Thakar. With the help of the Seagate Guard, the party puts a permanent end to the North Hada Freemen.
The party rests overnight after the battle.


Xenephon Xenephon

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