Human Wizard


Location: Sea Gate
Affiliation: The Arcane College

“I should have been born a Merfolk.”

- Male Human
-“Wizard of the Sixth Circle” (Level 6 Wizard)
-Lives on level 5 of the Lighthouse
-Friendly and open; His office is spacious and kept well clean
-Especially interested in Merfolk, the sea and aquatic magic
-Cast Waterbreathing on the party so they could explore the Octopus Cave

Can offer the following magical items for sale.

  • Potion of Water Breathing : 180 gp
  • Trident of Fish Command: 800 gp
  • Cap of Water Breathing: 1000 gp
  • Mariner’s Armor: 1500 gp
  • Necklace of Adaptation: 1500 gp


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