Session 9

Session 9 Summary
June 5th: Early Summer
Location: Sea Gate, Continent of Tazeem
3 pm to 4:30 pm – The party (Damar, Kiodo & Mardak)  arrive at the Cafe du Baloth with the Yuan-ti woman still unconscious. They meet with with Sheon and Piper, both of whom were attacked by Freemen during the night, and spent the morning recovering. Damar hurries off to take the test to become a Wizard of the Second Rank at the Lighthouse. Meanwhile, the unconscious woman draws a lot of attention, so the party takes her to the ruined house on Octopus Beach.
The Yuan-ti woman begins to wake up at this time, and it is revealed that her name is Seshira. She is relatively non-plussed about being held captive, bargaining with the party to gain her freedom. She reveals that she is a servant of Ulamog, who was given a quest to explore five locations on the western beaches of Tazeem to find information about the Orb of Illusions. The places she mentions are:
  • Utz: A mountain city that has been totally destroyed
  • Odar Temple: A temple that stands completely empty
  • Stonehollow Fort: The fort that was revealed in the recent earthquake, where the party captured her
  • Drakehome:  A mountain cave that is the home of drakes and their riders
  • Shadowridge Cave: A cavern on the beach filled with statues
Seshira reveals that there is another band of Ulamog Cultists that are in the Oran Rief Forest, looking for three beacons. When activated, each beacon would increase Ulamog's power, and help him escape his prison. She does not know what the group consists of, or how their plan is going. When the party mentions the prophecy found in Stonehollow Fort, she says that Ulamog believes the Orb is still extant.
One of the things that Seshira says strikes Seshira as false, though. She mentioned speaking to Ulamog in her mind. As far as Kiodo has studied, that's not a power that Ulamog has. After revealing all of this information Seshira asks to go free. Sheon kills her instead. The party leaves her body at the ruined house and begins to head to the western beaches, looking for the statue-filled cavern, Shadowridge Cave.
5 pm – The party encounters a crazed minotaur on the beach, who attacks them.  After killing it, they discover that there was some sort of parasitic eldrazi attached to the back of it's neck. Sheon takes the corpse of the parasite.
6 pm – The party reaches Shadowridge Cave. After a short exploration, they encounter two giant poisonous snakes. One of the snakes is killed, and the other is driven off by Piper. The party is pretty beat up by this time, so they retreat a short way down the beach to rest.
6:30 pm to 12 am – The party takes a long rest. 
June 6th 
8 am – The party re-enters Shadowridge Cave. Exploring it further, they find the fully furnished bedroom/living quarters of a female. After investigating that, they enter a meditation chamber where the identity of the woman is revealed. She is a medusa! The party struggles valiantly against her, with Kiodo falling unconscious from her poisonous hair, and Sheonbeing turned to stone. Piper and Mardak struggle on, causing her to become bloodied, but they eventually fall as well. It's certain death for the party….
5 pm – The party wakes up to find themselves tied up in a different room of the cave. Sheon is back to normal as well, thanks to a scroll that lies at his feet. The medusa woman, Amedi, demands to know what they are doing in her cave. They explain that they were looking for information about the Orb of Illusions. She sneers and says that the Orb of Illusions was destroyed long ago. Amedi is upset about being hurt and having to use up her resources to heal these hostile interlopers, but she says she will release the party if they perform a quest for her.
In the Caverns of Ulthik to the north and west, there is a tree of stone. On that tree, a black fruit grows. The story is told that the fruit can cure a medusa of it's curse, and turn her back into a human. Amedi will let the party go if they agree to retrieve it and bring it back to her. If not, she will hunt them down and kill them. Having no choice, the party agrees to do this.
The party leaves Amedi's cave with most of them still greatly injured. They plan to return to Sea Gate to rest and reunite with Damar
Reputation Adjustments:
- Amedi: Added as a contact; Starting reputation is -3
XP for missed players:


Yikes! Medusas are no joke, eh?

Session 9
Xenephon Xenephon

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