Session 8

Session 8 Summary

June 5th: Early Summer
Location: Sea Gate, Continent of Tazeem

8 am – The party meets at the Cafe du Baloth. Sheon and Piper are both missing. They chat with Kayleon, and are approached by a man in dark robes. The party thinks that he is one of the potential hirelings they are looking to employ, but he reveals himself as Calmor, one of the Mul Daya Band elves that the party had saved from the Cult of Ulamog. He, and the rest of the Mul Daya Band survivors attack the party, but they are quickly wiped out. After the battle, the party takes a short rest.

9 am – The party receives word from a messenger that an earthquake on the western coast has opened up an ancient fort. They rush to get to the fort before any other inhabitants of Sea Gate can.

11 am to 1 pm – The party arrives at Stonehollow Fort and begins to explore it. There are many traps that Mardak disables along the way. They encounter some gray oozes and a couple of misplaced piercers. They find a line of text that reads "In the Twilight of the Aether, the Orb of Illusions was destroyed in the Sea of Illusions. They realize that the Sea of Illusions refers to the Halimar Sea. Damar is very excited to learn of the [[Orb of Illusions[[.

Further exploration reveals a mosaic that shows the death of anyone that looks at it. The phrase "Don't fall asleep" in Goblin is scrawled below it. The party suspects that they have been hexed with the Curse of the Mosaic and that sleeping will cause them to die! (They aren't though.)

The party eventually finds a room with a woman who claims to have been held prisoner by the Yuan-ti for many years. However, she is lying as she is a Yuan-ti herself. Kiodo disables her and takes her prisoner as the party returns to Sea Gate.

3 pm – The party arrives back at Sea Gate.

Reputation Adjustments:
- Dusk Market: +1 for disrupting the North Hada Freemen in Sea Gate
- Sunrise Docks: -5 for making enemies of the North Hada Freemen

XP for missed players:

Kiodo – Disease saves at 11 am starting on June 5th until healed (Death Dog disease)


Xenephon Xenephon

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