Session 6

June 2nd: Early Summer     
Location: Oran Rief Forest, Continent of Tazeem
9 pm – The party travels with the prisoners for two hours to Fort Mykuss. 
- Sheon senses powerful energies of death in the area
11 pm – The party arrives at the fort to find it being besieged by Astira and 10 twig blights
- The party, assisted by some Elven archers, manage to kill most of the twig blights
- However, 6 needle blights join the fray.
- Astira is revealed to be an illusion
- Several of the elves, including Akelar and Deyora are killed in the battle
- The party is invited by the Mul Daya Elves to stay the night at the fortress
     - The feeling of death that Sheon has is getting even stronger
- They are given food and lodging
     - The food turns out to be pieces of myconids, the sentient mushroom creatures
     - The party secretly refuses to eat it, and vows to do something about the myconids mistreatment
June 3rd
8 am – The party awakens and begins exploring Fort Mykuss and talking to the elves there.
- The Mul Daya elves reveal that they can create Boots and Cloaks of Elvenkind, for a price
- Piper tries to get down to see the myconids, but the guards block him
- Sheon attacks the guard to the basement where the myconids are imprisoned, and a general melee ensues
- The party uses illusions and trickery to slay most of the guards, as well as a couple of commoners
- When Fenukoth, the leader of the Mul Daya band falls, the rest of the elves flee


Xenephon Xenephon

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