Session 5

June 2nd: Early Summer
Location: Sea Gate & Oran Rief Forest, Continent of Tazeem
8 am – Meet at Cafe du Baloth
9 am – Meet with Varat at the Hanged Man Tavern – Paid 100 gp each for returning the textiles minus the mushroom powder
         - Meet an unidentified Mul Daya Band Elf who speaks of trouble with Astira and vampires
10 am – Shopping and preparing to leave
11 am to 7 pm – Travel to the crossroads near the vampire temple
- Screams are heard from the temple and the party rushes over to explore
- They begin to fight the two guards outside the temple, eventually pulling in the cultists from inside the temple
- Those two groups of enemies are defeated and the party makes their way into the temple
- They find three Mul Daya Band elves held prisoner, but are unable to release them as this point.
     -They are: Akelar, Content Not Found: calmor and Deyora
- The party enters the final room of the temple, and fights a knight and cult leader of Ulamog, near a strange glowing hedron.
- The party defeats them and releases the elves.
9 pm – The battle is over and the party agrees to accompany the elves back to Fort Mykuss, which is nearby.


Xenephon Xenephon

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