Session 11

June 7th: Early Summer
Location: Cavern of Ulthik
2 pm – The party continues to explore the caves. They encounter a few empty rooms, and then Kiodo scouts ahead and finds the Stone Tree, guarded by a wood woad who must be Ulthik himself. Kiodo begins to battle him, but the rest of the party has trouble reaching the Tree. (Including Damar running into some brown mold.) After a long battle involving using the Fruit of the Stone Tree as a football, as well as burning oil. Ulthik is subdued. The party takes his treasure and the Fruit and leaves the cave.
3 pm – The party exits the cave to see that their ship is on fire. Investigating more closely, they find that Captain Setmanes and his crew have been killed, but their deaths have been made to look like an animal attack. While the party tries to put together what happened, they are attacked by a hidden assassin! An absolutely epic fight ensues. In the battle, Sheon is killed by a poisoned crossbow.
The assassin is eventually subdued and questioned. He reveals his name to be Ernach. He was hired by Varat to kill the party for 1000 gold. Having no more use for him, the party extracts a small measure of vengeance for Sheon by slaying the assassin. The party then rests overnight, planning their next move.
June 8th: 8 am


Xenephon Xenephon

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