Session 10

June 6th: Early Summer
Location: West Coast of Tazeem
5 pm – The party takes a short rest.
6 pm – The party returns to Seagate and meets up with Damar. He did not pass his test to become a Wizard of the Second Rank. They relate their misadventures to him, and the party stays in the Dusk Market Overnight
June 7th
8 am to 11 am – The party begins to make preparations to explore the cavern of Ulthik. Kiodo meets with Dardelio and is cured of the death dog disease. The party decides to hire a boat instead of walking to the Cavern. They encounter the Kor Captain Setmanes, who agrees to take them up the coast.. They depart at 11 am.
11 am to 1  pm – The party travels on Captain Setmanes boat. Although they are worried about it's seaworthiness, they arrive without problems.
1 pm – The party begins exploring the Cavern of Ulthik.
- They battle two gargoyles outside of the front door, fighting in and around the crumbling pilllars.
- Inside the Cavern, Piper runs afoul of some green slime.
- In a bedroom/museum, the party finds some healing potions and scrolls.
- They find a large, locked door leading deeper into the cavern, guarded by suits of animated armor. They defeat the armor, but they are unable to unlock the door.
- They discover the magical fountain in the Cavern, which is guarded by a water weird. They defeat it and drink from the fountain, feeling greatly rejuvenated.
- Continuing on, the temple portion of the Cavern gives way to actual caves. The party encounters and overcomes a flail snail, leaving it's extremely valuable shell to retrieve later.


Xenephon Xenephon

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