Session 7

Session 7 Summary
June 3rd: Early Summer     
Location: Fort Mykuss, Oran Rief Forest, Continent of Tazeem
9 am – In the aftermath of the battle, the party secures the gates of the fort and speaks to the unnamed representative of the myconids. The party agrees that they myconids can stay in the caves under the fort, but they are free to leave at any time they want. The party offers to escort the myconids home, but they do not know where they are, or how to get home. They also agree that the myconids can take the foodstuffs made of their people, as well as the elven corpses to use as nourishment.
The myconids can supply the party with 4 "spore bombs" per week, of the hallucinogenic or pacifying variety. They can also provide simple manual labor around the fort. The myconid leader agrees to animate some of the elven corpses as "spore servants."
9:30 am to 6 pm – The party explores the fort, taking stock of the resources available there, as well as the goods it contains. Most of the party rests, but Piper keeps watch. He exits the fort to try to find Astira's tracks from the battle of the previous day, but finds nothing.
6 pm – Piper sees a small winged being approaching the fort across the no man's land. It appears to be waving a white flag. The creature turns out to be an imp by the name of Windglum, who works for Astira. He apologizes on behalf of his mistress for the previous misunderstandings and says that she wishes to meet with the party. Piper agrees, and the meeting is set for the next day at 10 am.
6:30 pm to 12 am – The party rests
June 4th: Early Summer
10 am – The party meets with Astira. She apologizes for attacking them and stealing the mushroom powder. She (truthfully) claims that she was upset with how the myconids were being treated, and assumed the party was involved in enslaving them and harvesting them. She was less apologetic for them being involved in the twig blight attack of June 2nd, but apologizes none the less.
Astira verifies with the party that the myconids are safe, and free to leave whenever they would like. She doesn't know where the myconids are from either, and it's not in the area. She will try to research that using divination if she can.
Astira wants to know how the fort will be appointed. She is fine with the party taking it over, as long as they are able to keep it secure. Astira reveals that there is a large group of Cultists of Ulamog who make their home in the forest. They make their home in a ruin with a strange glowing hedron, which is a match of the one the PCs rescued the Mul Daya Elves from previously. Using his notes, Kiodo realizes that there are three of these hedrons in the area, and the Cult must be searching for the third one.
Astira explains that she has not attacked this branch of the Cult of Ulamog as she wasn't ready for a direct assault. She alludes to providing either Windglum or Culann to support the PCs if they attack the Cult. Astira also purchases most of the remaining mushroom powder from the party. They get the impression that she wants to arrange a deal with the myconids to get more at some point in the future. Astira gives Damar a couple of spells, both involving elemental powers.
11 am – The party begins to scout the forest for signs of the Cult of Ulamog. They find the tracks of two armored vampires and two dog-like creatures. They follow the tracks and come across one the Knights of Ulamog fighting a baloth. The knight is accompanied by two Death Dogs. The dogs quickly finish off the baloth and the battle is joined in earnest. The party wins the fight, with Kiodo tripping the knight and Damar using a flaming sphere to wreak havoc. 
After the battle, they continue to follow the tracks of the other knight, who split off from his companion not far from the battle. The party is able to follow his tracks to (what they assume) is the headquarters of the Cult of [[Ulamog.]] It's a stone fort built into part of the reef forest. Piper, Kiodo and Mardak do some scouting, and see the guardians: Three more Knights of Ulamog, each accompanied by a Worg. Although Kiodo is strongly tempted to explore the ruin, the party decides that discretion is the better part of valor and they begin heading back to Sea Gate.
8 pm – The trip through the Oran Rief Forest is long, but uneventful. Upon reaching Sea Gate, Mardak is warned by one of the common people that the Mul Daya Band elves and Freemen of North Hada are extremely angry at the party, and have been watching the gates to see when they arrive. The commoner also warns the party to stay away from the Sunrise Docks. The party, who plans to recruit hirelings for the Fort, puts out word (and signs) that they will be looking for help at the Cafe du Baloth tomorrow morning. After disseminating this info, the party splits up to rest.
Damar stays in the Dawn Market District, using his magic to disguise himself. Piper plays for room and board at the same inn. Kiodo seeks his rest in a modest inn of the Dusk Market. Mardak meets up with Velakar in the Dusk Market as well, and avails himself of that hospitality. Sheon once again sleeps in the alleys of Sea Gate, this time in Lighthouse square.
Reputation Adjustments
- Myconids of Fort Mykuss: Score becomes +10 (max)
- Astira: Score increases to +6 (friendly)
- Mul Daya Band Survivors: Score becomes -10 (min)  
- Freemen of North Hada: Score becomes -10 (min)
Added Resources:
- Fort Mykuss
- 3 Mul Daya Elf Spore Servants (Last for 1d4+1 weeks)


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